Renew Chiropractic is my new go-to, for all my chiropractic needs! After weeks of traveling, I was experiencing severe neck and shoulder pain. Ashley was extremely warm and welcoming and listened patiently while I provided her with my history. What I loved about her the most is that she carefully explained what was going on and talked me through each step of the adjustment. It was extremely relaxing and informative but also effective in treating my issues. I would definitely recommend her for your health and wellness needs!
— Vicky T.
She’s the best! My husband and I went to her and she had us feeling better in no time!
— Rory N.
I saw Dr. Stalmack after hurting my back. I couldn’t breathe right, I couldn’t walk right. I could only stand for a minute or two at a time. Her care, thoroughness, and attention to detail were exactly the level of care that patients deserve, but often do not get.

Me: Dr. Stalmack, you literally changed my life.

Dr. Stalmack: No, that was just your body, I helped it along the way.

Respectfully, I disagree, and stop being so modest! In any case, let her ‘help your body’, you won’t regret it.

After seeing the impact and change she had on my quality of life in just a few short months, I realized what a profound impact it had - if I was going to change careers and go back to school and do it all over again, I’d become a chiropractor. I don’t think there’s many professions which can impact the quality of someone’s life in the way mine was by Dr. Stalmack. 100/10 would visit again.